Powder Bag packing

After the bagged powder is discharged from the filling machine, it is conveyed to the bottom of the industrial camera by the conveyor belt. The incoming material is positioned, identified, and detected by the vision system, and is tracked and grabbed by the manipulator at fixed points, and placed in the carton until the box is full. The automatic process is completed.

Speed 110 bags/min/2 sets
Save 2 labors
Efficiency + 120%
ROI:11 months

● 01 Packing machine output
● 02 visual inspection
● 03 robot grabbing
● 04 Load into carton

Pickled mustard case Packing

80g/bag vacuum bagged pickled mustard is sterilized by water, dried, and then transported to the bottom of the industrial camera by the conveyor belt. Through the deep learning technology of the vision system, the scattered incoming materials are identified and the most surface materials are picked up by the robot and placed in a fixed position. The automatic process is completed.

● Speed 80 bags/min/set
● One robot saves 8 labors
● Efficiency + 100%
● ROI:12 months

● 01 Secondary sterilization of materials
● 02 Material feeding Elevator
● 03AI visually recognizes the position of stacked materials
● 04Robot picking
● 05Case packing

Snack food packaging automation solution

After the small bread is packaged by the packaging machine, it slides onto the conveyor belt. After being positioned by the vision system, the position is conveyed to the robot. The robot controller intelligently distributes the material and distributes the data to 4 robots. The four machines work together to complete the high-speed grasping of the material Take and load pallets, realize 100% full pallets into the pillow charter machine, carry out secondary packaging, and complete the automatic process.

● Speed 80 bags/min/set
● Saves 2 Labors
● Efficiency + 100%
● ROI:12 months

● 01 Packing machine output
● 02 Visual inspection and positioning
● 03 Robot picking
● 04 Tray loading
● 05 Secondary packaging

Sausage into stretch film packaging machine

The bulk sausages are conveyed to the stepping belt through the high-speed single-channel conveying line after sorted by centrifuged machine, and is tracked and picked by the robot at a fixed point and placed in the hopper, and the automatic process of conveying and packaging is completed.

● Speed 500pcs/min/set
● One robot saves 4robots
● Efficiency + 100%
● ROI:10 months

● 01 The sausage is put into the clapboard line
● 02 Sensors detect material position
● 03 Robot tracking and grabbing
● 04 Loading into trays