Daily Chemical

Daily Chemical

Bottle Unscramble

Irregularly arranged bottles are transported to the bottom of the industrial camera by the conveyor belt. The incoming material is positioned, identified, and detected by the vision system, and is tracked and grabbed by the manipulator at a fixed point, rotated until the bottle mouth is facing upwards, and put into the card slot. The automatic process is done.

Speed 60 ppm/set
Save 2 labors
Efficiency + 120%
ROI:11 months

● 01 Visual Inspection
● 02 Robot Grabbing
● 03 Load into Slot

Assembly of Cosmetic Mist Sprayer

Regularly arranged nozzles, step to the bottom of the conveyor belt. The manipulator tracks and grabs at a fixed point, rotates 90 degrees, and puts it into the tray. The automatic process is done.

● Speed 20 ppm/set
● One robot saves 2 labors
● Efficiency + 100%
● ROI:12 months

● 01 Robotic Pick and Place
● 02 Assebmly of Cosmetics Mist Spayer
● 03 Customized Vacuum Nest

Wipes Lid Applicator

The wet wipes which have completed the primary packaging are positioned by the AtomVision system identify the position and angle of inclination is determined. The adhesive cover is picked up by delta robot, goes through the glue coating process, and then sticks it to the wet wipes bag accurately.

● Speed 80 bags/min/set
● Saves 2 Labors
● Efficiency + 100%
● ROI:12 months

● 01 Packing Machine Output
● 02 Visual Inspection and Positioning
● 03 Robot Picking
● 04 Automatic Assembly