Sorting and Orientation of Mobile Screen

When the screen arrived the designated position, delivering the signal, and pass the robot sorting area. The delta robot pick and material and place onto the plating conveyor with dynamic placing mathod. Automation process completed.

Speed 60 ppm/sets
Save 2 labors
Efficiency + 120%
ROI:11 months

● 01 Cases in 3C Industry
● 02 Visual Inspection
● 03 Robot Grabbing
● 04 Soft Gripper

Automatic FPC Sorting

The irregularly arranged FPC plate conveyor belt is transported to the bottom of the industrial camera. The incoming materials are positioned, identified, and detected by the AtomVision system, tracked and grabbed by the delta robot at a fixed point, and put into the tray until it is full. The automatic process is done.

● Speed 70 ppm/set
● One robot saves 2 labors
● Efficiency + 100%
● ROI:12 months

● 01 AI Visually Recognizes the Position of Stacked Materials
● 02 Robotic Pick and Place
● 03 Sorting in 3C Industry